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  • Auto Windshield Repair using OEM vs Non-OEM Glass : Car Repair

    [ad_1] You’re on the road this summer and a rock bounces up and puts a big crack in your windshield. No big deal, you can you wait until winter to fix it, right? No. A car’s windshield acts as one of its most important safety features during an accident, rollover or collision. In a collision, […]

  • Import Exhaust Repairs Made Simple : Car Repair

    [ad_1] If so, is it really necessary to go to a dealership or high-end import specialist and pay the extra money commonly associated with this service? You may be surprised. Thousands of service shops now have access to original equipment (OE)-style replacement exhaust components. Depending on the brand offered by the shop, you might even […]

  • Communication Vital to Quality Auto Repairs : Car Repair

    [ad_1] (NewsUSA) – A poll of ASE-certified automotive technicians indicated that drivers over 60 are among the most conscientious when it comes to taking their vehicles in for routine maintenance and repair. The experts at the nonprofit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) remind consumers that good communication between shop and customer can help […]

  • Get More Miles Out of Your Car or Truck : Car Repair

    [ad_1] (NewsUSA) – Due to the current economic climate, many Americans are becoming less willing to make expensive purchases. Even the nation’s long-held love affair with the automobile hasn’t escaped the penny-pinching trend. The latest trends demonstrate that Americans are trying to stretch the mileage of their current vehicles. In 2006, the average car owner […]

  • Auto Repair Advice: Learn To Speak “Auto Tech” : Car Repair

    [ad_1] (NAPSI)-You may be better able to stay on the road to safety and savings the next time you need to have your car repaired if you select a quality facility and learn to speak a little “auto tech.” When communicating with an automotive technician, AAA recommends motorists do the following: • Before taking the […]

  • Small Car Repairs Now Can Save You Money And Time In The Future : Car Repair

    [ad_1] (ARA) – Drivers are holding on to their cars longer in these tough economic times, so AutoZone, the nation’s leading auto parts retailer, is offering tips to help motorists get the most out of their investment. “Holding off on purchasing a new vehicle can be a smart financial decision, especially if drivers properly maintain […]

  • How To Find An Auto Body Shop : Car Repair

    [ad_1] “Don’t wait until you need to find a body shop,” says Craig Williams, director of OEM Global Marketing and Services for Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes. “Investigate several body shops before you find yourself in that kind of stressful situation.” And, as with any business segment, there are some collision repair centers that are better than […]

  • How Many Scratches Will You Get This Summer? : Car Repair

    [ad_1] (NC)—For auto enthusiasts, the scratches you get from hiking through the woods or slipping on the rocks at the cottage are minor in comparison. The worst summer scratches are the ones you get on your car every time you load in (or on) the canoe, the camping gear, the bikes – or even just […]

  • How to Modify Fuel Injectors


    There was a day when finding inexpensive aftermarket injectors to support 500-600rwhp were tough. There were few options for high impedance style injectors, other than the Ford Motorsport 42lbs or MSD 50lb units. The aftermarket fuel injector industry has progressed rapidly over the past several years and as a result there are many brands and […]