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Your Guide to Xtrack Vehicle Tracking From Genesis Communications

xTrack is a comprehensive range of tracking solutions including designed specifically to meet the varied requirements of your organization.

These solutions are incredibly versatile, with the option of combining various different systems, to ensure that you have total and complete control over your company’s assets.

The xTrack range includes the following:

Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring

* xTrack Professional Vehicle

* xTrack CanBUS

* xTrack Cold Chain Monitoring

* xTrack Trailer

* xTrack Sensors

Mobile Workforce Tracking

* xTrack PDA

* xTrack Express

* xTrack Mobile Workflow

xTrack Professional Vehicle

If your business operates a fleet of vehicles, you could benefit from xTrack Professional vehicle tracking systems.

xTrack Professional vehicle tracking caters for the wide and varied needs of the modern fleet of commercial and freight vehicles. It comes in several forms and is for businesses who want to monitor the driving activities of their work force in order to increase efficiency and productivity.

xTrack Vehicle

Vehicle tracking can streamline your business operations by making your vehicles more efficient, safe and cost effective.

More and more organizations are experiencing the benefits of vehicle tracking from Genesis communications comprehensive range of vehicle tracking devices. Investing in our vehicle tracking systems will enable your business to:

* Take control of assets

* Monitor the performance of your drivers and vehicles

* Analise driving behaviors

* Eliminate excessive driving practices

* Ensure increased driver safety

* Reduced accident risk

* Save money on fuel, maintenance and communication costs

* Save time on paperwork

* Comply with taxation and duty of care legislation

Take control of your company’s assets

No we’re not just talking about your vehicles! The greatest asset of any company is its employees and vehicle tracking allows you to take control by monitoring both driver and vehicle performance effectively.

Monitor performance

Vehicle tracking devices enable you to analyse, in detail, the driving behaviour of your employees. This ensures that you can eliminate excessive driving practices which can cost you money in fuel and vehicle maintenance charges. This can also be a way of ensuring that your employees are driving safely.

Driver safety

It is estimated that traffic accidents have cost the nation £32 billion in lost productivity and ill health of workers. By having vehicle tracking, you can make sure your fleet is driven safely and hence reduce the potential for accidents.

In the event of an accident, vehicle tracking data ensures that you have evidence in the form of vehicle data should any discrepancies arise.

Save Money on Fuel

By knowing exactly where your vehicles are, you can ensure that only the most suitable people are sent to the job. This will cut out on un-necessary journeys, overtime and hence lower fuel costs.

Save Money on Maintenance

By monitoring driving practices, you can ensure that vehicle wear and tear, and hence maintenance charges are reduced. With vehicle tracking, you can also ensure that you meet manufacturers recommended service intervals by monitoring mileage from a central point, this can help to identify when each vehicle is due for service

Save Money on Communication

With no need for ‘where are you?’ calls, communication costs are reduced.

Save Time

Vehicle tracking makes worksheets and vehicle mileage logs a thing of the past. Our automated systems eliminate the need for paperwork to be filled in by hand, leaving drivers free to concentrate on core duties.

Comply with Government legislation

Vehicle tracking will help your business to be compliant with Government Duty of Care legislation


Changes implemented in April 2007 state that the private use of commercial vehicles is taxable. vehicle tracking allows you to eliminate un-necessary and un-authorized journeys ensuring that you are not accountable for taxation.

Duty of Care

Employers have an obligation of Duty of Care under the following:

* The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act (2007)

* The Road Traffic Acts (1998/1991)

* The Road Vehicle (Construction and Use) Act 1986

This legislation states that it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that vehicles are safe for your drivers. By having vehicle tracking, you can ensure that your company is in compliance with these guidelines.

xTrack CANbus Vehicle Monitoring

xTrack CANbus makes vehicle and fuel monitoring easy. CANbus (Controller Area Network communications bus) is a concept which was initially developed by Bosch for the car industry.

This advanced product has been designed specifically for driver monitoring, in order for organizations to track actual fuel consumption of vehicles alongside independent driving styles including braking/acceleration.

One of the key features of CANbus is that it can be combined with other xTrack products to create a complete vehicle tracking and monitoring solution.

Together with xTrack Mobile Workflow, you can create automatic job allocation, job status, service level performance monitoring and vehicle and driver league tables.

When implemented with xTrack Cold Chain, you can monitor the temperature in a refrigerated trailer using radio frequency (RF) technology.

xTrack Cold Chain Monitoring

xTrack Cold Chain management is designed primarily to monitor precise temperatures of refrigerated cargo. Using the latest wireless technology, cold chain monitoring allows businesses to constantly check the temperature of their cargo and react accordingly if temperature exceeds a required level.

In the past, whole loads could be ruined if the carrier was unaware of a change in temperature. Now, thanks to xTrack Cold Chain management, customers can monitor their cargo through a web-based interface which can be accessed online.

Under EU regulation EN 12830:1999, cold chain monitoring of the exact temperature of refrigerated goods is required throughout the delivery process. xTrack Cold Chain management has been developed specifically for this purpose.

Cold chain monitoring sensors in the refrigerated trailer send precise temperature information to the xTrack Vehicle black box in the tractor unit every 5 minutes.

This device then sends back temperature data as well as the vehicles precise location to web based servers which customers can access through the web interface.

Drivers can then be notified if temperatures move beyond certain thresholds so immediate action can be taken, avoiding the potential spoilage of an entire load.

The web based interface enables customers to monitor and report on the information and can be accessed from the customer portal on the Genesis website.

xTrack Trailer

xTrack Trailer tracking allows trailers to be tracked in real time using a web based mapping system so that companies can independently track their trailers when they become detached from their vehicles

xTrack Sensors

In addition to our CANbus range, Genesis can provide sensors to detect many other types of activity. These including humidity sensors, heat sensors as well as pressure and gas composition sensors. xTrack sensors can have a number of applications including

* Driver recognition (Dallas Key)

* Bonnet and door

* Street cleansing sweeper

* Waste collection compactor and lift

* Tipper

* Gritting

* Grass cutting

* Wireless sensors to measure humidity, pressure and gas composition

These will enable your business to manage fleet efficiency and meet customer Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)

Mobile Workforce Tracking

xTrack Mobile Workforce solutions are the best way to monitor your mobile workers. New Government Duty of Care guidelines state that as an employer, you are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of your employees at all times. Our mobile worker solutions will ensure that you conform to this lone worker safety legislation.

xTrack PDA

xTrack PDA tracking software is the perfect solution businesses who need to know where their remote workers are. With our PDA tracking, you can monitor work levels and also meet with the Governments Duty of Care guidelines for lone workers by ensuring that you know exactly where your staff are, at all times.

This proven technology has been used by organizations such as Royal Mail, Christian Salvesen and various City Councils. It is easy to use and install with no need for expensive IT equipment.

xTrack Express BlackBerry Tracking

xTrack Express Blackberry tracking, incorporates all of the above benefits of xTrack PDA, on your company’s BlackBerry devices.

xTrack Mobile Workflow

Carrying large amounts of paperwork around is a thing of the past with xTrack Mobile Workflow. Now instead of having to spend time filling forms in by hand, the process is automated leaving your mobile workforce more time to concentrate on important business tasks. This also helps you to conform to new Government guidelines on lone worker security.

With xTrack mobile worker workflow, the following forms can be incorporated onto a PDA device:

* Invoices

* Delivery notes

* Start of and end of day health and safety lists

* Manual route sheets

* Collection notes

* Cash receipt notes

* Manual time and attendance sheets

* Job cards

* Statutory health and safety documentation

The benefits of Mobile Workflow:

* Better lone worker security

* Detailed analysis

* Increase efficiency

* Reduce costs

Source by Martin Harrison