Cylinder Deactivation: A Good Thing?

[ad_1] Cruising down the highway your car is traveling at a set speed not needing the full use of all of its engine power, but eating up precious fuel nevertheless. That V6 or V8 under the hood could be much more efficient if it employed one important piece of modern day technology: cylinder deactivation. Does […]

Three Easy Steps To Improved Performance : Car Maintenance

[ad_1] (NAPSI)—A properly maintained vehicle can keep you on the road to safety and savings. It will run more efficiently and extend the life of your vehicle. Even if you don’t feel the results from each small improvement, several together can make a big difference. Here are three to consider: The old adage that “oil […]

Options When Purchasing a Replacement Diesel Fuel Pump Or Diesel Injector

[ad_1] Diesel vehicles like anything mechanical can and do have parts which wear out or develop problems. Two of the most expensive parts to replace are related to the fuel injection system. Diesel Pump this is responsible for the pumping of the correct amount of fuel, at the right pressure and time from the tank […]

Auto Windshield Repair using OEM vs Non-OEM Glass : Car Repair

[ad_1] You’re on the road this summer and a rock bounces up and puts a big crack in your windshield. No big deal, you can you wait until winter to fix it, right? No. A car’s windshield acts as one of its most important safety features during an accident, rollover or collision. In a collision, […]

How To Bleed A Diesel Engine Fuel Injection System

[ad_1] There are certain rules of thumb when it comes to learning how to bleed a diesel engine. There are dozens of different diesel fuel injection systems running around but the same principle applies to all of them. The main principle is removing the air out of the fuel system. Check out this scenario below. […]

Import Exhaust Repairs Made Simple : Car Repair

[ad_1] If so, is it really necessary to go to a dealership or high-end import specialist and pay the extra money commonly associated with this service? You may be surprised. Thousands of service shops now have access to original equipment (OE)-style replacement exhaust components. Depending on the brand offered by the shop, you might even […]

Everything Gets Old, Even Your Shocks : Car Maintenance

[ad_1] There are also important parts on your vehicle that need to be replaced when they get old—including your shock absorbers and struts. But replacing them is more than just a matter of keeping your vehicle fresh—it can also help keep you and your family safe. “Shocks and struts are hidden behind the wheels, so […]

The Ferrari 348 TB and TS Sports Car

[ad_1] The Ferrari 348 – A close look at this classic sports car’s performance, technical data, features, comparing rivals, history, used prices from Classic to Modern THE CAR The Ferrari 348 TB The Ferrari 348 TB sports car, launched in 1989, was the replacement for the 328 and 308 Series which were, over a period […]

Communication Vital to Quality Auto Repairs : Car Repair

[ad_1] (NewsUSA) – A poll of ASE-certified automotive technicians indicated that drivers over 60 are among the most conscientious when it comes to taking their vehicles in for routine maintenance and repair. The experts at the nonprofit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) remind consumers that good communication between shop and customer can help […]